Starting Monday, September 12 ALL bus riders will be required to scan their ZPass cards as they enter and exit the buses in the morning and the afternoon.

 The Texarkana Arkansas School District transports over 1,600 students, and ensuring the safety of your child is the Transportation Department’s number one priority. The ZPass provides an additional layer of safety and security with instant access to your child’s transportation status. Please help us by talking to your child about the importance of having his or her card at all times. If a student does not present and scan the Zpass, he or she will NOT be allowed to ride a bus.

 The initial ZPass will be provided to each student at no cost. If a student loses or destroys the ZPass, a replacement must be purchased from the designated school office. Replacement cost is $5.00.

Once your child receives his or her ZPASS, visit https://www.zpassplus.com/ to activate your account. Note, the RFID is the number on the front of the ZPass below the barcode. Once the account is activated you can download the ZPass App on your smart device and receive your child's rider notifications via e-mail and/or your smart device. #teamtasd #potentialrealized